Steward Ingram & Cooper, PLLC provides tax consulting services in Durham to individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations designed to help you meet your financial goals. A member of our Durham CPA firm will sit down with you to analyze your finances and discuss your objectives in order to provide tailored strategies designed to put your income to the best use while reducing your tax liability. As your tax advisor, we strive to act as a trusted partner, helping you make informed decisions about your finances and are dedicated to helping you prepare for the future. 

Tax Consulting for Businesses & Corporations in Durham, NC

Our CPA firm provides tax consulting services for all types of businesses, ranging from sole proprietorships that are just starting out to established corporations seeking to reduce tax payments moving forward. We understand the complexities of business taxes and have the experience necessary to not only reduce tax payments in the present but to provide strategies that will lead to advantageous tax solutions for years to come. 

How We Serve Businesses

In addition to offering ethical and effective guidance related to your lowering taxes, we provide comprehensive tax consulting, preparing, and planning services for all types of businesses and organizations, including: 

  • Helping you choose a tax advantageous business entity, whether that is an LLC, S-Corps, or C-Corps. 
  • Preparing financial statements and analysis so you understand the financial status of your organization. 
  • Resolving tax issues from previous years;
  • Assisting with QuickBooks or taking on daily bookkeeping tasks to keep accounts in order;
  • Working with you to create a budget and cash flow management strategy;

Individual & Personal Tax Consulting

In addition to business tax consultations, we also provide consulting services to individuals, working with those who have particularly complex financial holdings. Our services include, but aren’t limited to: 

  • Closing out or resolving issues related to prior years’ returns;
  • Advising you in tax issues related to college funds, retirement savings, and family changes and how to make the right choices to reduce your tax burden;
  • Providing in-depth explanations of how strategies affect taxes and what this can mean for both short and long-term financial planning;
  • Merging your business income and expenses into your personal tax returns.

Foreign Tax and Compliance Tax

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), which went into effect in December 2017, introduced several significant changes affecting individuals and businesses operating in a global market. Our team of CPAs is here to help you navigate complex finances related to foreign income or assets. We can assist you as a matter of course whether you travel, work in a foreign country, own foreign assets or investments, operate a business abroad, or engage in any other foreign source activity.

Choosing Steward Ingram & Cooper PLLC for Tax Consultations

Since 2000, our CPA firm has provided comprehensive accounting and tax services to businesses and individuals. We go beyond tax preparation and bookkeeping and work with you as a financial advisor, providing you with strategies that will minimize your tax burden and keep more of your income and wealth where it can serve you and your family. With an experienced team of CPAs, you can feel confident that we are providing you with trusted information that follows GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) standards so they are both ethical and advantageous to you, even in a rapidly changing landscape as laws and structures shift. 

Tax Consulting: Frequently Asked Questions

What is tax consulting?

Tax consultants use their knowledge of tax law and financial-related counseling to minimize taxation for individuals or businesses. By using a tax advisor, you will be able avoid costly fines while staying compliant with federal and state regulations!

Do I need a tax consultant?

If you are struggling with your individual or business taxes, we offer tax consulting services to help make the best decisions for moving forward. A tax consultant will also navigate more complex legal issues such as divorce, and how their finances should be handled.

Can a tax consultant help me save money?

It depends on your situation, but in most cases, yes. The purpose of a tax consultant is to reduce taxation, therefore saving you or your business money.

What questions should I ask a tax consultant?

“How can I reduce my taxable income?”
“What should I do differently this year to improve my tax situation?”
“What information will you need from me to file my taxes?”
“How can you help me with my financial goals?”
“What does your tax preparation process look like?”