If you are struggling with your taxes and frustrated that every year, your tax burden increases, working with an experienced CPA can provide you with the assistance you need. At Steward, Ingram & Cooper, PLLC, we are dedicated to providing tax preparation and planning services that reduce our clients’ tax liability and create advantageous strategies for long-term success.

Our Tax Preparation and Planning Services

We go beyond filing end of year tax returns. Our clients rely on us to provide year-round planning as well as assist with unresolved tax issues from previous years and creating solutions to make smart financial decisions moving forward. 

Business Taxes

Whether you have a small sole proprietorship or a thriving corporation, we can assist you in preparing your estimated taxes, eliminate errors, help reduce your payments, and save time and stress on bookkeeping and accounting. 

Personal Taxes

With our in-depth knowledge of the tax code, we are more likely to find deductions and breaks that you won’t find using tax preparation software, as well as walk you through strategies that will help you plan for the future. 

Estates and Trusts

Without proper estate planning, much of your hard-earned assets may end up going to the IRS rather than your loved ones. We can help you plan in advance to provide for your loved ones and avoid tax penalties that can leave your family struggling. 

Nonprofit Filing 

While most nonprofits don’t pay taxes, you do need file a return to provide the IRS with detailed documentation to keep your tax-free status. We will prepare your Form 990 so you can easily share information with your board of directors and donors as well as file your informational return. 

Choosing an Experienced Tax Preparation and Planning Company

Working with a professional, experienced accountant can save you stress, time, and money both on your annual tax return and well into the future. Since 2000, Steward Ingram & Cooper, PLLC have provided comprehensive tax preparation and planning services to our clients from all backgrounds, helping them find the deductions, credits, and developing long-term financial strategies. Each member of our team is dedicated to helping you meet your financial goals and acting as a trusted partner and advisor, providing personalized guidance for your unique financial needs. 

If you need help with personal or business taxes, need to untangle an IRS problem from the past, or want to set up your future for financial security, we can help.