Understanding Tax Preparation Fees

Join the CPAs at Steward Ingram & Cooper as they share the average tax fees you can expect to pay when you work with a CPA. Here you’ll find a breakdown of fees for individual and business tax preparation services.

How Long Should You Keep Tax Returns and Business Records?

The general rule for both personal and business purposes is to keep tax returns for 3 years. However as you likely guessed, the period you should keep tax returns depends on your unique situation — especially if your return isn’t straightforward. Learn how long you should keep your return based on several scenarios.

How to File Your Business Taxes

From discussing tax planning and filing strategies to making the process as efficient and manageable as possible, our business accountants are here to offer valuable insights and practical tips that will help you file your business taxes in 4 easy steps.

The Employee Retention Credit Explained by a CPA

As a small business owner, taking advantage of tax credits that help your business are crucial. In this article, our CPAs are sharing key deadlines and guiding you through the application process of receiving the employee retention credit.

Important Tax Deadlines to Remember

Bookmark this article so you can reference this year’s main tax deadline as well as other important tax deadlines. From non-profits to individuals, & corporations, there are 9 tax deadlines to be aware of, and they extend into October!

IRS Increases 401(k) Limits

The increase to 401(k) limits has been made to allow employees to save more pre-tax dollars into retirement accounts. Join our Raleigh and Durham CPAs as they provide numerical figures for limits to retirement plan contributions in 2024.

Your Guide to Paying Inheritance Tax

To help you better understand how to reduce your tax on inheritance (or minimize taxes your loved ones pay when preparing a will), our inheritance tax consultants in Durham and Raleigh are sharing all you need to know when it comes to tax on inheritance.