If you’re in Wilson, NC and looking for a local accounting firm with whom you can build a relationship, receive excellent service, and get the personalized guidance you need to meet your financial goals, reach out to Steward Ingram & Cooper PLLC. With over 20 years of service in the Triangle area, our team of CPAs offer the experience and knowledge you need in your trusted financial advisors.

Who We Serve in Wilson

With experienced CPAs, certified bookkeepers, and certified personal financial specialists (PFSs) on our team, we are uniquely qualified to serve a wide variety of clients.

Personal Tax Preparation and Financial Planning

If you have a complicated tax return that includes an investment portfolio, rental property, or financial gifts, you should turn to a professional to save you time and ensure an accurate return that doesn’t leave money on the table. We help people in the Wilson area plan for tax season, then prepare and file both federal and state income tax returns on your behalf.

Business Accounting Services

For both large and small businesses in Wilson, we provide tax preparation and planning services all year long to help you with both your annual return and estimated taxes. We also offer payroll, bookkeeping, financial planning, and other accounting services to save you time so you can focus on growing your business.

Nonprofit Accounting Services

Nonprofit organizations, including churches, schools, and charities don’t pay federal taxes, but they do have to submit a Form 990 each year. We’ll handle that as well as your bookkeeping and other financial needs so you can focus on the mission of your organization.

Estate and Trust Tax Services

Our accountants understand that estate planning and setting up trusts can be difficult, but we can help ensure your estate is settled in accordance to your wishes while minimizing the tax burden on your loved ones.

Our Accounting Services in Wilson

In addition to working with individuals, non-profits, and businesses, we provide comprehensive accounting and bookkeeping services, including:

Accounting and Bookkeeping

We work with all types of businesses and organizations, from sole proprietors to corporations in addition to nonprofits and individuals, providing the following services:

Tax Planning and Compliance

Tax laws update yearly and with these constant changes and requirements, it’s important to have a tax planner you can trust to ensure your business is compliant while also minimizing your tax burden. We offer planning services that look at how you can minimize liabilities and streamline your methods to make your tax return more efficient so you can feel confident that you’re paying less while still acting ethically.

Financial Auditing

In addition to preparing financial statements, we will also audit the existing statements on your behalf when requested by a third party. We dig deep into internal controls, test transactions, and present your financial statements fairly and in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.

Consult with an Accountant in Wilson

When you need an experienced accountant in Wilson, NC, reach out to Steward Ingram & Cooper, PLLC. We are dedicated to helping you meet your financial goals so you can move forward with confidence and whether you want to grow or expand your business, prepare for retirement, minimize tax liabilities, or plan your estate, we’ll be there.