Whether you operate a sole proprietorship or are a part of an enterprise-level business or corporation, you know that business taxes are complex and can cut into your success and profitability. To ensure better accuracy, reduce your tax burden, and have a plan for minimizing tax payments in the future, partner with Steward Ingram & Cooper, PLLC. We offer business tax preparation in Chapel Hill as well as tax planning from experienced CPAs who can help you meet your goals.

Business Tax Preparation

Completing business taxes accurately requires in-depth knowledge of both state and federal tax codes, remaining up-to-date on frequent changes, and having a comprehensive understanding of tax credits, deductions, and other elements. Without this knowledge, you may be facing an excessive tax payment that cuts into your profitability.

Instead, working with a Chapel Hill CPA with experience frees up your time, minimizes your stress, and most importantly, can reduce your payments. Our accountants often deploy advantageous strategies to minimize how much you’re paying in federal, state, and local taxes.

How We Serve Businesses in Chapel Hill, NC

We offer comprehensive accounting services to businesses in Chapel Hill. In addition to tax preparation and planning, we also offer bookkeeping, retirement account audits, and financial statement preparation.

Tax Planning for Businesses

In addition to annual and quarterly tax preparation, our CPA firm in Chapel Hill also offers tax planning services. Actions like hiring new employees, offering retirement accounts and benefit plans, donating to nonprofits, and investing in your business can all affect the amount of taxes you pay each year. Sitting down with a CPA to discuss the best options can help you plan for the future while reducing your tax burden.

We can also merge your income and deductions from your sole proprietorship or LLC into your personal tax returns as well as help you resolve tax-related problems from previous years.

Why Choose Us for Business Tax Preparation?

Since 2000, businesses around Chapel Hill have relied on Steward Ingram & Cooper PLLC for more than tax preparation services. We are committed to being a trusted financial advisor, assisting you with creating advantageous strategies for the future and offering personalized guidance to meet your financial goals so your business is positioned for long-term success.