For reliable assistance in tax preparation and planning in Chapel Hill, reach out to Steward Ingram & Cooper, PLLC. With our in-depth knowledge and experience, we can work with you to lower your tax payments on your annual return, and we can also assist you with long-term planning to minimize your payments in the future. Our team is dedicated to helping you keep more of your business revenue working for you.

tax planning and tax preparation in Chapel Hill

Our Tax Preparation and Planning Services

Our tax services go far beyond filing end-of-year tax returns. Our clients rely on us to prepare their annual and quarterly taxes as well as assist with any unresolved or ongoing tax concerns from previous years. We also look to the future with our clients, providing planning assistance that shows you your options related to minimizing your tax burden, such as creating trusts.

Business Taxes

Whether you have a small sole proprietorship or an enterprise organization, we can prepare your estimated taxes and annual return both ethically and accurately while helping you save money, time, and stress on bookkeeping and accounting. 

Personal Taxes

For people with complex tax issues and high net worths, we can assist you with issues like multi-state returns, foreign taxes, company stock options, or tax-deferred exchanges.

Estates and Trusts

Without proper estate planning, the assets and property you worked hard to amass may end up in the hands of the IRS. We can create tax-advantageous strategies that will allow more of your estate to go to your family after your passing.

Nonprofit Filing 

While nonprofit organizations don’t pay taxes, you do need to file a return called a Form 990. This is also needed to share information with donors and your board of directors. Our team will prepare your 990 for you to save you time and ensure it’s done properly.

Choosing an Experienced Tax Preparation and Planning Company

Outsourcing your tax preparation to an experienced, knowledgeable accountant can help you achieve more favorable outcomes related to your tax payments both in the short and long term. Since 2000, our Chapel Hill CPA team has worked with a wide variety of clients from all backgrounds, providing comprehensive tax preparation and planning services that will help them meet their financial goals.

If you need help with personal or business taxes, need to untangle an IRS problem from the past, or want to set up your future for financial security, we can help. We provide tax preparation and planning in and around Chapel Hill, including Morrisville,Durham, Hillsborough, and Pittsboro.

What is tax planning?

Tax planning consists of the analysis of a taxpayer’s financial situation. By analyzing the taxpayer’s financial situation, we can maximize eligible tax deductions and minimize your tax payments.

What types of tax planning services do you provide?

Our Chapel Hill CPA firm offers tax planning services for individuals, businesses, non-profit organizations, and estate planning services.

What can a tax preparer do for me?

Our Chapel Hill CPAs are dedicated to providing tax preparation services that go beyond filing end-of-year tax returns. We assist in year-round financial planning, resolve tax issues from previous years, and create sound financial solutions for our clients. 

Can I deduct tax preparation fees in NC?

In some cases, you can deduct tax preparation fees. A self-employed individual can deduct tax fees in North Carolina, but an individual employed by another party cannot deduct tax preparation fees.

What’s the difference between a tax deduction and a tax credit?

A tax deduction can reduce your taxable income and increase your tax return. Mortgage interest and student loan interest are a couple of examples of taxable income. Child tax credit, on the other hand, gives you a certain amount of money off your tax bill. Earned income and child care are two examples of tax credits in which you may receive a deduction on your tax bill.

What are the penalties for filing your taxes late in North Carolina?

North Carolina charges you if your taxes are not filed on time. This monetary penalty ranges from 5-25% per month of the total tax that is reported on that return.

Can your tax planners help me with an IRS audit?

Yes, our Chapel Hill CPAs are experienced with IRS audits and can help you resolve current or previous tax issues you may have encountered with the IRS. Contact our office at  (919) 872-0866 to see how we can help you.