Sign Your E-File Authorization Form

Technology Changes Over Time Do you remember: Owning a VCR? American Motors (Introducing the Gremlin, the Pacer and the Rambler)? M*A*S*H (the 4077th)? Manually signing a paper copy of your income tax return and mailing it to the IRS? Change happens! And the one thing that we can agree on is that we have a […]

Protecting Your Assets

A small business can have reasonably cost effective internal controls. Let’s talk about how and relate a horror story of what happens when your internal control is actually imaginary control. The story A business owner has a relative that really needs a job. The relative is hired to be the company accountant. Things seem to […]

Advice on Signing a Representation Letter with a CPA Firm

My CPA firm wants me to sign a representation letter. What do they think I am? A lying skunk? I remember being an entry level staff accountant and one of our audit clients asking me if we were going to require him to sign a liar’s letter. After all, didn’t we think that he was […]