How Long Should You Keep Tax Returns and Business Records?

The general rule for both personal and business purposes is to keep tax returns for 3 years. However as you likely guessed, the period you should keep tax returns depends on your unique situation — especially if your return isn’t straightforward. Learn how long you should keep your return based on several scenarios.

How to File Your Business Taxes

From discussing tax planning and filing strategies to making the process as efficient and manageable as possible, our business accountants are here to offer valuable insights and practical tips that will help you file your business taxes in 4 easy steps.

Can You Deduct Tax Preparation Fees?

Join our Raleigh CPAs as they answer one of our asked questions, “When are tax preparation fees deductible?” From business to personal tax deductions, follow along as we uncover factors that affect tax preparation fees, common fee structures, and more.

A Step by Step Guide to Reducing Taxable Income

Our team of experienced professionals have extensive tax planning strategies that can optimize your small business’ financial health. Whether you’re a small business owner, an individual seeking personalized tax advice, or need assistance with advanced tax planning, we have the knowledge to guide you towards optimal financial outcomes. 

Your Guide to Setting up a Qualified Retirement Plan

In this article, our Raleigh CPA Firm is answering, “What is a qualified retirement plan,” and addressing FAQs regarding retirement plans. Before setting up a retirement plan for your business, start here. You’ll get tax-compliant guidance that will serve your business wonders.

5 Anti-Fraud Controls to Protect Your Business

Acts of fraud, both internal and external, is a growing problem for businesses, with 49 percent of global organizations reporting they experienced economic losses due to fraud, according to a 2018 global study performed by PwC. However, the likely amount of businesses that are victims of fraud is most likely much higher as many businesses, […]

What is a General Ledger and Why Do You Need One?

Keeping careful track of all of the financial transactions associated with your business is vital for a healthy organization. As a business owner, though, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer number of accounts, credits, debits, income, and more that you hear about all day long. A general ledger is the place to start […]