Technology Changes Over Time

Do you remember:

  • Owning a VCR?
  • American Motors (Introducing the Gremlin, the Pacer and the Rambler)?
  • M*A*S*H (the 4077th)?
  • Manually signing a paper copy of your income tax return and mailing it to the IRS?

Change happens! And the one thing that we can agree on is that we have a segment of the population that will complain about “almost any” change while another segment of the population will embrace the change and complain about why it took so long.

E-File is Here to Stay

One such change is the electronic filing of your income tax returns. In the past, you would sign your returns and mail them to the appropriate government agency. Now, we all know that all one needs to do is press a button and your Federal and State income tax returns are instantly filed. Not only that, your million-dollar refund should be deposited to your bank account within thirty minutes. Sarcasm aside, the electronic filing of income tax returns is here to stay.

Complete Your E-File Authorization Form

The completion of your Form 8879 and returning it to your income tax return preparer is very important for several reasons, including:

  • You are providing a written receipt of the fact that you as the taxpayer are accepting the accuracy of the return, including the direct deposit information.
  • This signature replaces the signature that you used to provide on a paper filed return.
  • It is very important to the IRS in that their rules require the tax return preparer receive a copy of the signed 8879 before the return is electronically filed, and
  • Legally, the filing of a tax return without having received the signed 8879 is the equivalent of identity theft. The 8879 form is the government’s mechanism for insuring that the taxpayer has authorized the filing of the tax return in question.

Most states follow the IRS rules, but some such as New York have additional requirements relating to e-filing. It’s an ever-changing area, so don’t be surprised if your return preparer indicates that a state requires your driver’s license number, your blood type and/or your pet’s rabies vaccination number (you never know).

Please, sign and return your IRS e-file Signature Authorization to your tax return preparer. They will appreciate it.

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