8 Quick Tips to Save Money Fast

Whether you want to create an emergency fund, start a Roth IRA, or start putting aside a down payment for a house, you need to start saving money. While it may sound overwhelming, seeing some quick results makes it easier to stick to your goal. To help you get started, our CPA firm is sharing […]

Child Tax Credit Payments: Everything You Need to Know

Families with dependent children are seeing the Child Tax Credit payments hit their bank accounts or arriving in the mail this week. Designed to reduce child poverty, ease some of the financial burdens caused by COVID-19, and stimulate the economy, these payments allow parents and caregivers to receive half the child tax credit in monthly […]

Will I Have to Pay Tax on an Inheritance

If you’ve received an inheritance, whether it’s property, money, or investments, your first question or concern is probably related to taxes and whether you’ll end up owing the government after the loss of a loved one. The good news is that most people don’t need to worry about inheritance and estate taxes, but there are […]

Can You Deduct Tax Preparation Fees?

With April 15th rapidly approaching, you’re probably gathering receipts and records and debating how your taxes will get done. You could go the DIY route with tax preparation software or take the less stressful route and work with a CPA firm in Raleigh. No matter which option you choose, you may be able to deduct […]

Steward Ingram & Cooper Announce New Durham Location

We are excited to announce that, effective January 1st, we have expanded into Durham by joining forces with Minor Anglin & Associates, P.A. Conveniently located between Durham and Chapel Hill, the location’s objective is to provide high-quality service to our clients in the Durham area. We are proud to have Dan Minor, Kim Anglin and […]