Marriage Tax Benefits: What You Need to Know

Marriage is an important decision in anyone’s life, but what couples don’t always consider is just how much this can affect their . Surprising as it may be, it is largely untrue that getting hitched will result in higher taxes. There are several marriage tax benefits to consider that may make saying “I do” all […]

How to File a Tax Extension

If you can’t make the April 15th tax deadline, you can request a tax extension which gives you until October 15th to file your taxes. Our CPAs will guide you through the process of requesting a tax extension as well as the pros and cons of requesting an extension versus failing to pay the IRS money you owe from your tax return.

Sign Your E-File Authorization Form

When completing a manual or paper tax return, you know how important it is to sign and date the document before mailing it in in order to make it legally binding. What about electronic filing – is signing still important? Our CPAs are breaking down why you need to sign your e-file authorization form and […]

Buying and Selling Stocks — Are Stocks Taxable?

If you are currently active in the stock market whether by your own endeavors or via a retirement plan such as a 401(k), our CPAs are fleshing out when stocks are recorded as taxable income so you can report them as such on your tax return.

4 Advantages to Creating a Trust

Trusts may seem like some vague financial dealing reserved for the extremely wealthy, but that’s actually not the case. Trusts can be a financially advantageous part of your estate planning to ensure your assets and property are divided how you see fit. To help provide clarity on this complex financial matter, our CPAs are sharing […]